VuPoint Scanner

VuPoint Scanner
Perfect for Scanning recipe or text from books

Vupoint Scanner

Vupoint Scanner
Amazingly small and light

Vupoint scanner is the Magic Wand scanner that is mobile

There is not much better on the market for a portable scanner than the Vupoint Scanner.  The Vupoint Magic Wand Scanner is the ideal scanner for those you on the go or in school.  You can copy anything from any text in the library of government building while doing your research of public records or the law library.  You can save so much time and effort because you will never again have to lug around an over sized book or manual just because you need one or two pages from it.

The Vupoint Scanner allows you to swipe the wand over the page and store it on your micro disk completely free of the computer.  You can plug in the USB cord and later transfer your documents to your computer for printing or reading.  It is an amazing piece of technology and it has made scanning so beneficial that I don't think any college student should be with out the Magic Wand scanner.  I would have love one when I was studying at university and carry tons of books everywhere and spending countless hours in the library using books that could not be checked out.

The Vupoint Scanner can and will make school and life much easier for everyone.  It is going to allow more time for family and fun.   You will be surprised you ever lived without one.

Vupoint Solutions and the Magic Wand Scanner in Detail

It is time again to start comparing the portable document scanners for the holiday season.  This year there are a lot of the same players in the scanner market as last year but there have been a few changes and a few upgrades to the mobile units.  The Vupoint Solutions Scanner call the Magic Wand is now available in a model equipped with Blue Tooth Capabilities. You can can now transfer your scanned data to your computer in wireless fashion without being tethered with a USB cord or without using the micro disk.
The Flip-Pal Portable Scanner is now available with a USB stick rather than just a micro disk and Couragent as teamed up with the Brother Corporation so that now you can use PE Design software to create templates that can be used by your embroidery machine that will replicate the documents or pictures you have scanned into the Flip-Pal.  It is really something to see.  You can take a picture of your grandchild, scan it with the Flip Pal and have your embroidery machine stitch it onto a pillow or hand bag.  Check it out HERE.

Image of a 512MB Micro SD cardHere is more detail regarding the Vupoint Scanner.  You can use the micro disk to store your scans while you are away from your home.  It is perfect for vacation, business trips, research or to quickly scan meeting notes for later use.  

The USB plug in makes it simple and quick to load your scans from the Vupoint Scanner on to your computer.  You can then easily put them in your organization software and simplify your life.

Ultra portable, ultra light and ultra functional, the Vupoint Wand Scanner will make your life much easier.  I have seen it first hand by using it the past several months for work and personal scanning.  You will love it.   

 Product Features and Technical Details

Product Features

Technical Details

  • Brand Name: VuPoint Solutions
  • Model: VPSPDSST410BP
  • Width: 1.1 inches
  • Height: 1.2 inches
  • Weight: 1.0 pounds
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Vupoint Magic Wand Scanner is the mobile scanner

Vupoint Magic Wand Scanner is another great mobile scanner that is relatively new on the market.  It has numerous advantages over the desk top scanning models that are soon to be obsolete.

The main advantage is portability.  You can take it with you anywhere and scan just about any document or picture that is no wider than 12 inches.  You can scan items that are longer than a standard sheet of paper but he scanning width is fairly standard.  However you can also easily scan pages out of text book or magazine or scan your handwritten notes to be saved on your computer.

The Vupoint Magic Wand Scanner is so easy to use, so easy to carry and so unique that it would be difficult to find a reason not to buy one.  The Vupoint scanner even comes with Blue Tooth now so you can be completely cordless.  It is a fantastic innovation in scanning that will give you tremendous freedom.

The Vupoint Scanner is a must have for any one in college because it will save countless hours in the library and it will allow you to copy all of your notes into your computer so at the end of the semester you will have everything fresh and in tact for studying.  The Vupoint Scanner known as the Magic Wand is a super product that can safe anyone a tremendous amount of time.  Sitting at your desk  making single copy after single copy is out of style thanks to the Vupoint Magic Wand Scanner. 

The Vupoint Magic Wand saves time and money

The Vupoint Magic Wand Scanner is an incredible tool for personal and business use.  It can be used with ease by battery as you simply Scan documents to your micro disk by swiping wand. 

Scan From Books and Reference Materials
                            great for students and educators
Scan your Receipts on the go. 
                             Easily fits in purse, backpack or briefcase to record you shopping, travel and gasoline receipts and never worry about losing a paper receipt again. 

Perfect for scanning anything that can not be taken home with you. 
                    Grad School or College students will be able to simplify life and cut down on the tremendous load of books in their back packs. 
Scan this weeks assignments onto the micro disk and never carry your book to and from school again. 
USB Cable allows for simple and easy set up. 

VuPoint Portable Bluetooth Wand Document and Photo Scanner

The Vupoint Scanner has added blue tooth feature to enable transfer of scanned documents to your computer without the use of a micro disk or chord.  The Vupoint Scanner also know as the Vupoint Magic Wand is a great way to scan on the go or scan book or magazine pages.  It is light, easy to use and now one of the first portable scanners to have blue tooth technology.  I have had a Vupoint Scanner for over a year now and wish it had blue tooth.  When you Buy a scanner you have to compare the magic wand scanner  with everything else. 

Here is information from HSN
VuPoint Portable Bluetooth Wand Document and Photo Scanner

Digitize cherished photos, itemize your receipts or get a copy of a delicious recipe right out of a friend's cookbook as easily as waving a magic wand. This compact tool lets you scan color and monochromatic images of documents, fabrics, photos, wallpaper and much more. Plus, you can send your last scanned image to any compatible Bluetooth device. Vupoint Magic Wand is a great deal.

What You Get

  1. Portable wand scanner
  2. 4GB microSD card with adapter
  3. DVD-ROM with 5 software titles
  4. ABBYY Screenshot Reader software CD-ROM
  5. 4.2-volt lithium-polymer rechargeable battery
  6. AC power adapter
  7. USB cable
  8. Pouch
  9. Calibration paper
  10. Cleaning cloth
  11. User manual
  12. Manufacturer's 1-year limited warranty on parts and 90 days on labor

    VuPoint Portable Bluetooth Wand Document and Photo Scanner at

    List of 5 Great Things about Portable Scanners

    If you haven't figured it out yet, a portable scanner can make give you much more free time and it can release you from that pile of papers that seems to be handcuffed to your psyche.  You will be free think about tasks at hand and how to accomplish the things you really want to do once you have your piles of paper under control. 

    The innovative flip pal scanner

    There are so many great things that come with portable scanners it is hard to just list 5 but here are what I see as the top 5 great things about portable scanners. 

    Vupoint Magic Wand Scanner

    1.  Not tied down to a computer, most run on regular batteries or rechargeable batteries and power from your usb connection is not needed to run the unit. 
    2.  Freedom to work and research at home.  If you need to research books that can not be taken out of the library or the county office the Vupoint Wand Scanner is perfect for you. 
    3. Scans directly to micro disk for transport to computer.  Also most are typically USB ready and can be plugged into desktop or lap top for easy document transfer. 
    4.  Many are so small that they fit easily into your briefcase or computer bag. 
    5.  High quality scanning that will save you time and money by allowing for much easier time doing expense reports and business taxes. 

    NeatReceipts, NeatDesk, Vupoint Magic Wand Scanner

     There are so many reasons you can benefit from a portable scanner than just these five, but it should be enough to get you enthused about the possibilities for better organizing your life. 

    Be Sure to check out the different brands because they all tend to do things a little differently.  Everything depends on what you like and what you need to scan.  Here is a list of some of the best.

    The Flip Pal


    Vupoint Wand Scanner or Magic Wand Scanner
    Iris Scan anywhere 2
    Neat Desk